My first Procreate drawing

I’ve been wanting to get to grips with Procreate for ages and finally got down to giving it a go today.

I have spent some hours watching the really good Kourse at @Sketchbookskool by Danny Gregory – who has become a Procreate master. That gave me enough info and confidence to give it a go.

There’s so much to learn so I decided I’d try and replicate my analogue tool kit – fountain pen, pencil and watercolour.

All worked fine to get the basic drawing done, then started to go off piste with textures and airbrushes! It’s all totally overworked but I learnt soooo much from these three hours.

I took a photo of my lounge, then added a perspective grid to help me draw the perspective, then a couple of drawing layers, and a few layers of pencil, watercolour and textures.

This is something I shall be working on quite a bit. I can see so much potential. And one of the best things….because you can work in layers, the fear of a white page and mistakes totally vanishes!

My first Procreate drawing