Minimal watercolour kit


Filled empty pans with new Daniel Smith watercolour paints. Stuck them into an old Rotring pen tin, along with a piece of sponge, which left space for my trusty Roberson no. 8 travel watercolour brush and a pencil. My perfect, lightweight, small travel watercolour kit.

The brush I realise I’ve had for at least 15 years, and given my very careful use it still has a perfect tip that comes to an excellent point. It’s why I fill the pans from tube paints, and then leave them propped up on something so that they dry at an angle. This way it lets me get plenty of paint onto the brush without scrabbling around with the tip – the quickest way to wreck a sable brush. The other key bit of kit I have is a small water-filled dropper bottle so that I can add a drop or two of water to each pan to soften the paint. Leave it for a few moments and it’s easy to get paint onto the brush.

So now to spend a few days experimenting with the limited colours. But from even my early trials it looks they’re going to give me an amazing range.


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