Messing about with the Ahab fountain pen and getting used to it’s flexible nib. Needs quite a lot of pressure to get a really heavy line, which makes for slower drawing and makes me draw more abstractly which I really like. Somehow it forces me to be more loose with the lines and definitely less accurate.

4 responses to “Noodlers Ahab fountain pen”

  1. occasionalartist Avatar

    So pleased I found this post as I have just bought my Noodlers Ahab pen and was wondering how I would go sketching with it. I hope mine works as well as your sketch does. Karen


    1. Jen Grove Avatar
      Jen Grove

      Hi Karen. It’s a slightly temperamental beast, but perseverance pays off. I can’t write with it at all, but drawing is a pleasure. It needs, and can take, quite a bit of pressure. Mine still railroads a bit (where it skips), so am going to try cleaning it today with an amonia solution – apparently that’s the answer! Will keep you posted about it.


      1. occasionalartist Avatar

        Thanks Jen, it will be a learning experience, but always fun. Karen

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    2. Jen Grove Avatar
      Jen Grove

      And thanks for the follow!


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