I’ve been getting bored with my usual watercolour palette. Partly due I think to having too many choices in it. So I’ve created another box, from a simple Muji plastic box, with just eight colours – three of which are greens. I’ve never ever used a ready mixed green in a palette but I’m starting to do more landscapes and thought it might make life a little easier to include a few.

Muji palette

In the box the colours look quite dull, but on paper they absolutely sparkle. The only problem is there are a mixture of makes – Daniel Smith (the two full size pans), Winsor and Newton, and Sennelier. I know the names of the DS and W+N paints, but only have a number for the Sennelier ones. But here is a photo of the palette with the info I have on the colours.

Muji colour swatches

My first two sketches with this palette have turned out really well – I’m loving the colour mixes I’m getting. Figs from the garden at the top of the page, and dead yellow roses…

Dead yellow roses

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